The Marketview Heights Collective Action Project has PathStone Corporation as its fiduciary.

It is steered by the chairpersons of 6 main committees: Housing, Safety, Beautification, Youth, Communication and Finance. These committees are made up of members who have expressed an interest in them and are committed to the betterment of the community through the efforts of these various projects.

These 6 committees in-turn report the discussions, issues and actions to the Marketview Heights Collective Action Project, every last Tuesday of the month at its monthly meetings. Issues requiring actions are voted upon by the general body of the Collective Action Project. The main-body of the Marketview Heights Collective Action Project is made up of residents who live in the community. This is an open group and all are welcome to attend the monthly meetings, participate on committees and events.

To facilitate communication, there are block-captains assigned on every street. These block-captains rally residents when the need arises (eg. To attend meetings with issues that may impact the residents themselves), relay information for those who did not attend and assist the Collective Action Project in consolidating manpower (eg. Street cleanups, harvest and planting days, garden preparation and closing-down.)